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Royan Yule Snr

On a Wing and a Prayer - Recollections of a WWII bomber pilot

On a Wing and a Prayer - Recollections of a WWII bomber pilot

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This is a book that captures the horrors of World War II as witnessed by a young RAF bomber pilot.

This book takes you through the author's upbringing in pre-war Aberdeen to his eyewitness account of a raid by a German bomber on the shipyards in the city on 12 July 1940.

It describes how he came to join the RAF followed by his training in England, the USA and Canada before becoming operational. It then takes you, raid by raid, through the author's tour of operational duty over the period, September 1944 - April 1945.

It is primarily a bomber pilot's story and includes his sober reflections on controversial issues in which he was involved such as the bombing of Dresden.

However, it is also about the shared experience of the author and his crew and the risks they had to face. When they eventually met up again after a gap of 37 years it was an emotional and joyous occasion.

About the Author

Royan Yule was born in Aberdeen on 30th April 1922. After leaving school at 14 he worked as a page boy in a hotel and then as an apprentice engineer in the local shipyards.

In late 1941 he volunteered for the RAF and became a pilot with Bomber Command. Between September 1944 - April 1945 he flew Lancasters on 37 sorties over enemy territory and was awarded the DFC.

After the war he spent a decade with 612 (County of Aberdeen) Squadron until it's disbandment. He now lives in Dundee.

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