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Michael Kirby

Nottingham versus Napoleon. The story of an English County's defiance of an Empire

Nottingham versus Napoleon. The story of an English County's defiance of an Empire

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This book tells the story of local individuals and Nottinghamshire's two main regiments, the 45th and 59th, and their role in one of the best armies fielded as they took on the might of the French army..

November 1815, it has been five months since the Battle of Waterloo, the British army and her allies surround Paris. The Emperor Napoleon has long since abdicated but no formal treaty has been declared.

Shots ring out and a British soldier falls to the floor. He wears the uniform of the 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Foot and is one of the last British troops to be killed by direct contact with troops of Napoleonic France.

War with Napoleonic France would see these regiments fight in Portugal, Spain and Holland, right into the heart of France itself and a year later on a tiny patch of Belgian countryside where the future of Europe was to be determined.

About the Author

Being a keen military historian from an early age Michael Kirby studied a Masters in Military History at Chester University in 2009 where he wrote a thesis on British Field Artillery of the Napoleonic War.

With a passion for the British army redcoat period, Michael has a special interest in the Nottinghamshire regiments, especially the 45th and 59th regiments, and their roles in helping to shape the modern British army.

Michael has been an independent military historian operating under the name Redcoats & Muskets: Military Historic Learning since 2010.

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