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Daniel Codd

Mysterious Somerset and Bristol

Mysterious Somerset and Bristol

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Mysterious Somerset and Bristol takes the reader on a fascinating journey through this most beautiful, mystical, enchanting and yet sometimes eerie county, looking at its strange historical curiosities, unexplained mysteries and supernatural phenomena.

Covering a wide area - from Exmoor, through the Brendon Hills and the Quantocks, the Mendip Hills and Cheddar Gorge, to the Avon Gorge and southern Bristol - the author has unearthed hundreds of strange tales.

Can it be that King Arthur's ghost still patrols South Cadbury? What are the monstrous creatures that have occasionally been encountered in the Bristol Channel? Does a petrified witch really glare at tourists in the subterranean recesses of Wookey Hole?

And what to make of the strange things that have been witnessed in the skies: phantom battles over Lansdown, exploding meteorites over Yeovil, twin suns over Chard and, most recently, a staggering array of missiles, phantom aeroplanes and mysterious UFOs?

Within these pages, the reader will discover a Somerset and Bristol rich in folklore, supernatural and paranormal phenomena, myth and legend - a land where every town and village from Minehead to Bath hides a perplexing mystery.

About the Author

Daniel Codd has spent years delving into supernatural history, a fascination borne out of a belief that truth is far stranger than fiction and that even the most outlandish of folkloric stories probably has a basis in fact.

His research into the paranormal has seen him poring through archive documents, and he is endlessly fascinated by the stories of curiosities and strange phenomena that people tell him.

He gains great satisfaction from people's interest in the subject matter, and from seeking out locations that are supposedly haunted or which have other legends attached to them.

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