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Daniel Codd

Mysterious Northamptonshire

Mysterious Northamptonshire

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Mysterious Northamptonshire concentrates on all aspects of the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious in the county of Northamptonshire. Ghosts, myths, legends, big cats, witchcraft, UFOs and the little people all feature in the book.

The book is arranged by subject, though each and every area of Northamptonshire is covered to give a wide geographical spread around the county.

It is aimed at the general reader interested in the county or in mysterious and bizarre events. The text is written in a lively chatty style, while maintaining good standards of English and accuracy.

The inclusion of maps, numerous photos and other illustrative material breaks up the text to make the volume more appealing to the reader.

The many chapters featured in the book that will fascinate the reader include: Satan & Witchcraft, Fairy & Goblin Lore, Ghost Stories of Northamptonshire, The Weird Animal Kingdom and Phenomena of the Skies.

About the Author

Daniel Codd has spent years delving into supernatural history, a fascination borne out of a belief that truth is far stranger than fiction and that even the most outlandish of folkloric stories probably has a basis in fact.

His research into the paranormal has seen him poring through archive documents, and he is endlessly fascinated by the stories of curiosities and strange phenomena that people tell him.

He gains great satisfaction from people's interest in the subject matter, and from seeking out locations that are supposedly haunted or which have other legends attached to them.

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