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James Willis

Mysterious Milton Keynes

Mysterious Milton Keynes

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The dark side of Milton Keynes is revealed; supernatural lore, urban legends, symbolism and conspiracy. Cryptids, Satan, fairies, witchcraft, relics and miracles. Strange deaths, mysteries, curses, and unsettling folklore.

Mysterious Milton Keynes delves into the urban legends, supernatural tales and strange phenomena associated with the modern city of Milton Keynes.

The book explores the hidden symbolism behind the layout, buildings and street installations: it explores local conspiracy theories and shows how they are subtly revealed in road names, incidents and stories throughout the city's contemporary history.

From the Devil's Olney residence, to the fairies of Bow Brickhill, the lid is lifted upon the city's witchcraft, relics, miracles and extensive supernatural lore.

Take a walk on the wild side with the unnatural creatures of the alien zoo which prowl the parks, suburbs and waterways. There are strange deaths, mysteries, curses and unsettling folklore which cannot easily be ignored.

About the Author

James Willis was born in Warwickshire and grew up near Oxford. When he was ten years old he saw a UFO which spawned a life-long interest in mysterious phenomena.

He graduated from Lancaster University in 1997, and now lives and works in Milton Keynes. Today James’ main interest is in the field of cryptozoology.

James has enjoyed a long love of writing, with numerous published articles to his name. He is married with two children, and is a keen brewer and experimental allotmenteer.

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