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Daniel Codd

Mysterious Lincolnshire

Mysterious Lincolnshire

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Exhaustively researched by the author and fully illustrated throughout, this book is designed to show the reader a Lincolnshire they never knew existed a county full of supernatural secrets and strange lore.

Lincolnshire is an ancient county, it's perception as a quiet rural location belied by the fact that the area has seen centuries of tumultuous history.

Settlements and ruins from bygone eras scatter the landscape, and these locations hide many legends and mysterious secrets from bygone times right up until the present day.

Dragons lie buried in hillsides...fairy folk once shared our environment with us, and maybe phantom hounds and the black panthers of the Wolds still do. Perhaps the ingrained fear of Satan and witchcraft lingers still in remoter communities.

This book is designed to illustrate that the counties of Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire are truly a land of mystery where strange, ancient stories are still told.

About the Author

Daniel Codd has spent years delving into supernatural history, a fascination borne out of a belief that truth is far stranger than fiction and that even the most outlandish of folkloric stories probably has a basis in fact.

His research into the paranormal has seen him poring through archive documents, and he is endlessly fascinated by the stories of curiosities and strange phenomena that people tell him.

He gains great satisfaction from people's interest in the subject matter, and from seeking out locations that are supposedly haunted or which have other legends attached to them.

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