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Rupert Matthews

Mysterious Cornwall

Mysterious Cornwall

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Mysterious Cornwall concentrates on all aspects of the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious in the county of Cornwall. Ghosts, myths, legends, big cats, witchcraft, sacred wells and the little people all feature in the book.

The road out of the village is haunted by Dorothy Dingle, whose battered body was found here in 1665. No murderer was ever caught and her ghost returns frequently.

Hingston Down - A fabulous treasure is said to be buried somewhere on this hill, guarded by the little people and accessible only to certain humans under the most bizarre conditions.

The waters drawn from Dupath Well, housed in a small stone shrine, are said to cure whooping cough; All these and more are featured.

The book is arranged by subject, though each and every area of Cornwall is covered to give a wide geographical spread around the county.

About the Author

Rupert Matthews is a noted author on folklore, ghosts and other aspects of that other universe that sometimes intrudes our own. Rupert has spent a lifetime investigating the paranormal and the bizarre.

He is also a noted author in other genres including history and childrens.

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