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Keith Farnsworth

More Images of Sheffield

More Images of Sheffield

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Here is another generous collection of abundant Sheffield images, guaranteed to delight anyone who likes to take the occasional trip down memory lane or who simply enjoys remembering Sheffield through the years.

The success of Images of Sheffield, published in 1993, came largely because the book was not just another compilation of photographs but, with careful and varied selection, plus detailed captions, offered something much more rewarding and satisfying.

This second collection forms an ideal companion volume, for while it is just as representative of the city and features intriguing shots of the central areas, it also attempts to give extra attention to suburban Sheffield.

And while every picture tells a story, each image is supported with words which will increase the reader’s knowledge, offer illumination or amusement, or simply a pleasing jog to the memory!

Mainly drawn from the files of the picture library at The Star, but supplemented with illustrations gathered from other

About the Author

Keith Farnsworth was born in Sheffield in May 1938 and spent the first ten years of his working life in a variety of jobs before becoming a newspaperman when he joined the Morning Telegraph at the age of 25.

He was the paper's sports editor from January 1971 to August 1976, and later edited Quality, the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce journal, for eight years. Since 1988 he has covered football for the Daily Telegraph.

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