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Barbara Wadd

More Ghost Walks in Derbyshire

More Ghost Walks in Derbyshire

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This book is a second collection of 30 circular walks in Derbyshire, ranging from 1-10 miles in length. Each walk has at least one ghostly story attached

You should be warned that some of the ghosts are more 'hands on' so you may be pinched or pushed, slapped or have your clothes tugged. You may be locked in a room or shut in a freezer and you may even receive three cold kisses!

You will visit some of the less frequented parts of Derbyshire, experiencing the rich diversity of its scenery, from gentle valleys to panoramic viewpoints. On these quieter paths, you will find wildlife undisturbed by the tramp of many feet.

Kestrels hover over pastures, jays and woodpeckers may be glimpsed in woodland, buntings chirp from uncut hedges, and, if you are lucky, on three of the walks, a kingfisher may imprint its brilliant hue on your day.

The walks include visits to famous halls, houses and castles and a number of fascinating churches. There is information about parking, toilets and refreshment stops and good maps.

About the Author

Barbara Wadd has been a keen rambler for many years. She has attended over 25 walking holidays and was the walks co-ordinator of a social club for many years as well as leading walks for a local ramblers group.

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