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Andrew Murray Scott

Modern Dundee: Life in the City Since World War Two

Modern Dundee: Life in the City Since World War Two

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Since World War Two, Dundee's economy has diversified after its long dependence on the jute industry, and its cultural and social life have developed in directions that would have been hard to predict in the 1940s. This vivid, informative and illustrated account of the last eight decades has been well-reviewed; both a critical success and a local bestseller since it’s first hardback  publication in 2002 and reprinted in paperback in 2006 and in 2012. Now in its fourth, fully-updated and extended 2019 edition, this continues to be a popular title particularly during Christmas time as a stocking-filler.

 As well as a popular social history, with concise accounts of industrial and political changes, crimes, sporting triumphs, developments in music, fashion and the arts, it contains many anecdotes and insightful commentaries on the people, places and events that have shaped this great city. Before World War Two the city was in decline and only in the 1970s, with the advent of new technologies, did Dundee's regeneration begin. And that rejuvenation, although occasionally faltering in the 1990s and the early years of the 21st century, has diversified so that Dundee is now the city of biomedical excellence, award-winning innovations in creative industries and computer games and also home to the V&A Museum, the only one outside London.

Against this background of profound change, the author gives a remarkable account of the rich daily life of Dundee. He recalls important events and individuals and offers keen insights into the processes of development and recovery.

Modern Dundee will be evocative reading for anyone who knows the city and has lived there during the post-war years, and it will also serve as a valuable introduction and to its recent history.


About the Author

 Andrew Murray Scott is a novelist and nonfiction author whose many publications include a number of popular local history titles. He is the author of Discovering Dundee, the popular guide to Dundee's history, and of the script of the popular video documentary The Story of Dundee, as well as a two-volume guide to the city’s cultural heritage: Dundee’s Literary Lives.

 His first novel Tumulus, was the winner of the first Dundee Book Prize in 1999, and was published by Polygon, who also published Estuary Blue. His seven novels to date include recent titles in his Willie Morton political thriller series. The third title in the series, Oblivion’s Ghost, appeared in June 2010.

 He has also had successes with his biographies of John Graham of Claverhouse and of Alexander Trocchi. He has combined his writing with media lecturing, ten years as a press officer for the city’s MPs and MSPs and other posts and he lives in Broughty Ferry.

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