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Yorkshire Evening Post

Memory Lane Leeds: Volume 2. A Second Look

Memory Lane Leeds: Volume 2. A Second Look

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This book features even more nostalgic photos and memories from the archives of the "Yorkshire Evening Post". There is no more faithful recorder of events which, year in year out, make up the daily life of a great city, than is the local daily newspaper.

There was no better place to begin the stroll down this Memory Lane of Leeds than in the Yorkshire Post Newspapers Library and the Photographic Department, from where most of the pictures were obtained.

They will jog older minds, intrigue those not so old, astonish and educate the younger end. Perhaps what has most surprised visitors to the city over the years is that Leeds is not packed, boundary to boundary, with dark, satanic mills and spoil heaps.

Indeed, it has some fine buildings, a wealth of public parks and open spaces, is ahead of many provincial cities in the provision of outstanding centres of learning and finance and is exceptionally well-served by public transport.

The past three decades have seen Leeds grow in stature and importance as well as become a pleasant place to live, work and play.

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