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Burton Mail

Memory Lane Burton and South Derbyshire

Memory Lane Burton and South Derbyshire

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In the last years of the 20th Century Burton and South Derbyshire changed almost beyond recognition. There was hardly a street or road that has not been altered in some way or other. This is a record of that change.

Long gone are the days when Burton was bedevilled by trains crossing and re-crossing its roads, and the coal mines with which many outsiders still associate South Derbyshire are also now just part of the past.

In fact the only memories of the way it used to be are those stored away in the minds of residents and in photographs from days gone by.

The Burton Mail set out to capture something of the way things used to be, capturing the images of the people of Burton and South Derbyshire at work, rest, play, and even war.

For older readers it brings back happy memories and emotions, and for those whose memories do not go back that far, it provides an interesting spotlight on years gone by.

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