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John Ashdown Hill

Mediaeval Colchester's Lost Landmarks

Mediaeval Colchester's Lost Landmarks

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Colchester is proud of being the 'Britain's oldest recorded town'. Its Roman past is well publicised, and so too is its more recent history. However, until now medieval Colchester had been sadly neglected - until now.

Using a mixture of medieval documentary evidence, archaeological evidence, and clues from surviving buildings, Medieval Colchester's "Lost Landmarks" sets out to recapture the feel and appearance of the town towards the end of the Middle Ages.

This book includes detailed descriptions of the great lost religious landmarks of medieval Colchester, including St John's abbey, the Greyfriars, and St Botolph's priory.

But a medieval town was not made up only of churches and abbeys. Colchester's mills and market, its port and its inns, its private houses and its sanitation are also explored.

The book also sets medieval Colchester in the wider context of its surrounding landscape. What emerges is a detailed picture which will enable the reader to make an imaginary visit to Colchester in the fifteenth century.

About the Author

A historian, with a special interest in the fifteenth century, John Ashdown-Hill discovered Richard III's DNA sequence in 2004 and was part of the team that discovered and identified his body in Leicester.

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