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Gerry Brent

Made Em Cry - The Wartime & Lifetime Experiences of One of the NOT-Ordinary Men (WWI)

Made Em Cry - The Wartime & Lifetime Experiences of One of the NOT-Ordinary Men (WWI)

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These are extraordinary and vivid true stories from the First World War through the eyes of a soldier. It is illustrated with maps, photographs and documents depicting George Ellis' remarkable early life.

George Ellis was a countryman from Essex who served in the latter stages of the First World War. He was a tough, taciturn man who spoke little of his early life experiences which remained almost entirely unknown to his immediate family.

Like many others who experienced the dreadful events of War he began to talk about his early life following his retirement, unfolding dramatic reminiscences of astounding wartime experiences.

These stories, so extraordinary and vivid, detail not just the War but
of George’s youthful involvement in a farmworker’s strike, the little
known Army Occupation of Germany, and his liking for female

The book provides detail of rural events in North Essex against the
background of a young man growing up in the early part of the
previous century

About the Author

After a career in the pig industry, both in the UK and overseas, Gerry Brent received the David Black Award for services to the British pig industry in 2004

The author of four pig industry textbooks discovered that none of his Uncle's family knew anything of their relatives' early life experiences which had been recounted to him.

This caused him to conduct wider research in order to gain fuller detail of George Ellis' life so that these vivid, and hitherto untold, reminiscences might be told to a wider audience

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