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Eamon Kavanagh

Lullabies, Legends and Life - The Quest for Contentment

Lullabies, Legends and Life - The Quest for Contentment

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Lullabies, Legends And Life is the story of the Bury author's mature self, reflecting on those pivotal moment that because of their sheer impact, remain and become embedded to form part of one’s character.

Some good, some bad, some frightening. Also my younger self facing the quandary of yearning to be a good Christian lad, sadly to many time giving in to life’s temptations.

Passing through a period where my mental health became so impaired I became a danger to the mental wellbeing of loved ones. Finally finding contentment after much soul searching, coming to the realisation there is a beauty in simplicity.

My hope lies in the likelihood you the reader will find much in this book to relate to, and hopefully in some cases benefit from its insights.

About the Author

Eamon Kavanagh now resides in Bolton. He shares his home with his wife Dawn, his dog Harry and cat Patch. Eamon has two sons and a daughter from a previous marriage. He also has a stepson and daughter and six grandchildren.

He spent his youth in Bury before finding employment at a luggage firm, a toffee factory, and finally spending a quarter of a century as a postie. He now watches his local amateur club Elton Vale FC.

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