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Karen Dunn and the Crawley Observer

Looking Back at Crawley

Looking Back at Crawley

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To sum up "Looking Back at Crawley" in one sentence is simple - it is a book about Crawley written by its people. Two years in the making, the book includes pictures and memories from the early 20th century onwards.

While some of the photos were taken from the "Crawley Observer" archive, the majority were loaned to the paper from private albums by people who have watched Crawley grow from a village into a sprawling New Town.

There are tales of war-time courage, school days and the excitement of a Royal visit, carnivals, sports and the people and places that make the town unique.

You can read first-hand accounts of doodlebug strikes during the Second World War, school life in the 1920s and the bikers of the 1960s who were nowhere near as fearsome as they looked.

With the face of Crawley changing day by day, many of the people and places mentioned in the book are long gone - making "Looking Back at Crawley" a must-see for anyone eager to look back and say 'I remember when...'

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