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Peter Washbourn

Lincoln : Moments in Time

Lincoln : Moments in Time

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Moments in Time is a new selection of pictures from the archives of the Lincolnshire Echo. The earliest photographs were taken in the 1930s and continue to the end of the 20th century.

Others cover every decade up to and including the rock n’roll years of the 1960s and there are a few of the 1977 Silver Jubilee celebrations.

There are more photographs of the old Lincoln scene and there is a specific section which views the city through the eyes of the youngsters of yesteryear.

Hopefully this book will stir memories among older Lincolnians – and will give younger generations a flavour of the heritage of the city which they have inherited

About the Author 

When Peter Washbourn officially ‘retired’ in 1996, an old friend told him the next day, “You haven’t retired, just re-aligned!” Peter did not realise just how true this was to be. He had previously produced a number of special publications for the Lincolnshire Echo, on an historical theme, despite being a failure in history at school.

In the three years following his retirement, he produced six more.

Early in 1999, he was asked to compile Memory Lane Lincoln and Lincolnshire for the Lincolnshire Echo. Little did he realise how it would change his life! Shortly after the book was published, he was invited to write a weekly column for the Echo under the title of ‘Lincolnian’s Diary’. It turned out to be not just a column, but a whole page of memoirs and items of local history.

In January, he was asked to produce another page, ‘Lincolnshire in the News’, compiled from stories taken from editions of the Lincolnshire Echo, first published in the early part of the 20th century. This he now produces with the help of his wife, Patricia, who retypes the stories on to computer disks, from photocopies of the original papers, many of which are in a very fragile state.

Patricia has also helped with this publication, typing in the captions as fast as Peter can write them.

He now wonders just how he found time to go to work and his colleagues at the Echo reckon that they see more of him in the office now than they did when he worked there full time!

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