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John Harrison

Judo Foundation Skills. A guide for beginners and parents

Judo Foundation Skills. A guide for beginners and parents

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'Judo Foundation Skills' provides clear answers to a wide range of questions faced by the author during his 30 years of teaching judo. A must for students and teachers.

The book includes an account of the origins and etiquette of Judo and explains, in everyday English, many of the terms used to allow young people, parents, beginners and more advanced judoka to share their understanding.

Used as a guide, this book provides illustrated details of the basic skills that form the key elements of Judo techniques and explains the range of activities the beginner will use to develop these skills.

The author describes, in easy-to-follow language, how the understanding of simple body mechanics influences how the beginner learns these key elements by using safe, effective, stable movement patterns.

While the focus of this book is on the early stages of learning Judo it also provides an outline of how these basic techniques form a stable foundation on which the future safe application of Judo skills may be developed.

About the Author

John Harrison, 5th Dan, took up Judo in 1971 and began coaching in 1983. He was initially employed to teach Judo by the Local Education Authority where he achieved formal teaching qualifications using Judo as the core subject.

His studies, which included comparing Judo activities with generic teaching practices, increased his understanding of how the learning of Judo is achieved.

Recognising the importance of the foundation stages of Judo he has carried out extensive research into this aspect of coaching culminating in the publication of “Judo Foundation Skills”

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