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Mike Hodgkins

Jake's Tale

Jake's Tale

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 'Jake's Tale' is the continuing story of Red Watch at Graveton Fire Station. It is the second in the trilogy about the Sheffield Fire Service following on from the success of 'Better Red Than Dead'.

Life at Graveton is always interesting; Jake Higgins is the new recruit; he’s just starting out and desperate to learn. We look in on Brian’s complex love life, and watch as Mick finds a new love.

We follow the continuing love story of Maddie and Jim as their relationship continues to develop, and we follow Pete Jacks, and his daily battles to keep going as his wife’s health begins to deteriorate; and the tragedy which finally overcomes him.

The Edale Mountain Rescue Team are sorely tested when a team of Scouts becomes trapped on Kinder Scout in a blizzard, need all of their resources to achieve a rescue in the toughest of circumstances.

We also meet Dave and Den, two young rock climbers who strive to achieve the almost impossible on a unique day on the crags.

This is the second in the trilogy, following 'Better Dead then Red', with 'The Last Gasp' completing the set.

About the Author

Mike Hodgkins is a former fire officer in the Sheffield Fire Service. He is now retired and spends his time walking the hills of the Peak District.

If you would like to know more about Mike, please see his author page

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