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Bernard Carter

It Wasn't Me Sir - The Childhood and Schooldays of Bernard Carter

It Wasn't Me Sir - The Childhood and Schooldays of Bernard Carter

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This book portrays in a manner best described as verbal slapstick the childhood and schooldays of Bernard Carter, set in and around a new post-war estate in Derby where during both day and night the street became the main playground.

This title provides a humorous look at childhood and schooldays in the 1950s on a Derby estate, based on actual events. It covers timeless scenarios we can all relate to in some part, regardless of which decade you were born in.

Few people owned cars in the early fifties so there was little chance of getting run-over and certainly more chance of having the seat of your trousers torn out by one or more mutinous dogs that roamed the area.

Schooldays passed ducking and diving flying chalk, airborne board rubbers, surrendering to the stinging 'thwack' of a cane and slaps across the head from both teachers and playground bullies.

More agony was piled on with sweethearts, girlfriends, lost loves and those bewildering early bumbling and fumbling forays into the unknown territory of a girls' anatomy!

About the Author

Born and educated in Derby, Bernard Carter left the area after gaining a Diploma in Creative Photography at the College of Art.

After a short, but successful career in photography he became a self-taught Botanical Artist and Illustrator and still exhibits on behalf of the Royal Horticultural Society as a Gold Medallist.

Bernard has moved constantly around the UK and is well travelled having a particular love for the remoter parts of Australia. He presently lives in Miller’s Dale, Derbyshire.

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