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Trevor Hickman

Images of Loughborough and District

Images of Loughborough and District

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Featured within this fascinating book is the town of Loughborough and the thirteen hamlets and villages that surround it. Each chapter includes historic photographs and unusual drawings and engravings.

In Loughborough there is a collection of bells being produced including the famous bell for St Paul's Cathedral, the Great Paul, cast in 1882. The Grand Union Canal is featured along the Soar Valley to Loughborough.

Quorn was the village where modern fox hunting commenced. Mr Hugo Meynall, 'The father of fox hunting' lived at Quorn.

Religion has always played an important part of village life in this part of the country, and this book contains a fine historic record of monuments and churches that were built and erected throughout the district.

Containing a fascinating collection of early twentieth century photographs, "Images of Loughborough and District" will provide residents with a glimpse into the regions beautiful and historic past.

About the Author

Trevor Hickman was born in the village of Wymondham and from an early age has been interested in local history. He received his first batch of photographs at the age of ten.

On leaving school he was apprenticed to a printer's and bookbinder's which ran its own subscription library, a haven for a young man interested in publishing and local history.

Later, as a consultant and director of two publishing organisations, he designed and marketing books with a major interest in local history, particularly on Leicestershire. He taught bookbinding at the School of Printing in Leicester until his retirement.

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