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Stephen Phillips and Vivienne Owen

Images of Aldershot

Images of Aldershot

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With the emphasis placed before 1970, this volume contains 350 interesting photos from the archives of Aldershot Libraries, all supported by descriptive text.

The photographs in this book, which have been taken from the collection, reflect the wide variety of places, events and people which form the history of any town, but which in the case of Aldershot, are perhaps unique.

For a town with a modest population (it has remained fairly constant around the 35,000 mark for well over a hundred years), its fame has spread to all four corners of the globe in a way that no other comparable town can match.

In short,wherever the British Army set up camp, wherever the map was coloured British Empire red, the influence of the barracks and the training grounds in Aldershot was there behind the scenes.

The pictures in this book inevitably reflect the influence of the army, but they are also the record of the changing face of what was essentially a Victorian New Town.

Aldershot Library has a large collection of photographs relating to Aldershot and its history. The older photographs in the collection have been acquired from a variety of sources, not least because the library itself did not exist before 1954.

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