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Bob Crew

History of Maidenhead

History of Maidenhead

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A previous local historian once said that Maidenhead has not had a very striking history. But Bob Crew takes the view that Maidenhead’s history can be described if not as striking, then certainly as startling.

In this visionary and lively history of Maidenhead, Bob Crew raises local history to a new height by making regional, national and international connections.

By holding up a national and international mirror to his readers that reflects Maidenhead’s local history in a new way, he challenges who it is that Maidenhead people think they are.

This is a thought-provoking history that refuses to take things for granted, as it puts the town in a far less parochial context than hitherto and makes new discoveries not formerly known.

About the Author

Bob Crew is a former resident of Maidenhead, where he lived in the Altwood Bailey for a while.

He is a Berkshire and Thames Valley man who was born and bred in Reading, having also lived in Caversham and worked in Henley-on-Thames for the Henley Management College.

In this book he has written not simply a local history, but also a discourse on local history and how it is or can be written.

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