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Trevor Hickman

Historic Cheeses : Leicestershire, Stilton, Stichelton

Historic Cheeses : Leicestershire, Stilton, Stichelton

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This book offers historical insight into the story of Leicestershire, Stilton and the new controversial Stichelton Cheese. It is lavishly illustrated throughout with over 200 photographs.

Learn the history of Midland cheese's starting at the very beginning, from the Roman occupation to the present day. The book contains a pictorial record with many engravings, drawings and historic photographs.

Stilton Cheese is considered to be the finest cheese ever developed in England, the King of English Cheeses - enjoyed by millions of people world-wide.

The village of Stilton sits on Ermine Street, the Great North road, (A1) a highway constructed by the Romans, possibly along the line of a prehistoric trackway that skirted the marshes of eastern England.

Stichelton, one of the UK's newest cheeses has courted controversy due to its use of unpasterised milk in its production. "Historic Cheeses: Leicestershire, Stilton and Stichelton" gives the reader the true story through indepth historical evidence.

About the Author

Trevor Hickman was born in the village of Wymondham and from an early age has been interested in local history. He received his first batch of photographs at the age of ten.

On leaving school he was apprenticed to a printer's and bookbinder's which ran its own subscription library, a haven for a young man interested in publishing and local history.

Later, as a consultant and director of two publishing organisations, he designed and marketing books with a major interest in local history, particularly on Leicestershire. He taught bookbinding at the School of Printing in Leicester until his retirement.

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