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Stephen Wade

Heroes, Villains & Victims of Leeds

Heroes, Villains & Victims of Leeds

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"Heroes, Villains and Victims of Leeds" tells the stories of the people who made Leeds the great Yorkshire city it is today. Whether they are industrialists, philanthropists, artists, or those with the dark side in them, this book has them all.

Some were industrialists and businessmen who stamped their name there. Others were writers and artists who made Leeds their source of inspiration. On the dark side we also love the villains:

Most unusually, however, the book includes some forgotten names: quiet, steady 'heroes' who add that solid, dedicated work so necessary to civic urban community.

It is a book about some of the men and women who made Leeds a powerful and fascinating City.

About the Author

Stephen Wade is a writer and researcher into social history, with a particular interest in unexplained events and stories. He is a freelance non-fiction writer, also teaching at the University of Hull on the creative writing programme.

His paranormal interests began when following up alleged ghost sightings in his own family, and he has been present at exorcisms and investigations. His special interest is in crime scene apparitions and phenomena.

He has worked as a researcher on Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns programme, and has researched the oral history of the unexplained.

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