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Stuart Russell

Heroes, Villains & Victims ­ Of Hull and the East Riding

Heroes, Villains & Victims ­ Of Hull and the East Riding

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Heroes, Villains, and Victims is a collection of stories about ordinary people of Hull and the East Riding who found themselves in extraordinary situations. For the most part they are people that history has forgotten, but for no longer.

Some were bad, true villains who killed or harmed their fellows and paid the ultimate price, others were benefactors who left their mark on society, and many were innocent victims who remind us that the 'good old days' were not always so.

Stories from bravery at sea, to the innocent casualties of war, to the repressed victims of their religious beliefs all feature in a book that will appeal to anyone with an interest in the area's heritage.

The author has trawled newspaper archives and other public documents to uncover the details of the extraordinary lives that are recalled in these pages.

The result is a well-researched yet entertaining look at the people of the past.

About the Author

Stuart Russell has been a journalist on local and regional papers in Yorkshire for 42 years.

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