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Dave Wood and Nicky Sewell

Haunted Swindon

Haunted Swindon

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"Haunted Swindon" successfully documents alleged paranormal activity within the borough of Swindon. The book is a blend of local history, haunting tales, real life ghost experiences and current paranormal research.

The aim of the text is to piece together Swindon's haunted heritage. As well as containing many individual case studies, this book also includes ten reports from research investigations which the group has conducted.

Readers will be treated to in depth accounts of fleeting apparitions at the Jolly Tar pub in Hannington, the mischievous goings-on at Sally's Cafe in Highworth and a plethora of unexplained noises at Swindon's Wyvern Theatre.

The book also gives a glimpse of dozens of haunting reports ranging from private houses, cinemas and pubs to Lydiard House, the steam museum and the arts centre.

"Haunted Swindon" is a ghost book with a twist - it is written by real-life paranormal investigators and contains up-to-the minute psychological research and educated critical analysis.

About the Authors

Dave Wood and Nicky Sewell are paranormal investigators of several years standing. They began investigating in Devon before graduating from the University of Plymouth and forming Swindon-based Paranormal Site Investigators in 2004.

PSI is considered to be a respectable organisation in the field of psychical research, has worked with university-based academics and has a membership of over 1,000.

Currently they are chairman and trainer, respectively, of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP), a national research charity established in 1981.

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