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Wayne Anthony

Haunted Nottingham: Myths, Magic & Folklore

Haunted Nottingham: Myths, Magic & Folklore

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Nottinghamshire has a reputation for being a county full of tales of ghosts, ghouls and goblins, and this new book from renowned ghost expert, Wayne Anthony provides additional support to this spooky theory.

It is a collection of some of the county's most spooky and supernatural stories, however it is not 'just' tales of ghosts that fill the pages, but also tales of fairies, myths, legends and other strange, unexplainable phenomena.

"Haunted Nottingham: Myths, Magic and Folklore" takes you on a tour of the county and allows you to uncover the mysteries of some of the county's most spookiest corners for yourself.

Running alongside each tale are atmospheric photographs that show the Nottinghamshire we know and love in another, more creepy light.

About the Author

Wayne Anthony is the author of several books on ghosts and is recognised for his knowledge and expertise in this field.

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