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David Rose and Bernard Parke

Guildford: Remember When

Guildford: Remember When

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A nostalgic look at the town in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. It brings together a wealth of the town's local history from living memory with fascinating facts and stories alongside over 200 atmospheric black and white photographs and images.

It is loosely based on the Surrey Advertiser's weekly history and nostalgia page, "From the Archives", that is edited by David Rose.

Bernard Parke has been a regular contributor to the page and some of his articles are featured here, updated and mainly used as a starting point for new stories and information.

Guildford has seen many changes since the second world war and what was once a compact market town is not a regional centre.

This book is a story of everyday life in Guildford, as it was, and how it is remembered and will prove extremely popular with Guildford residents, both young and old as well as visitors to the town.

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