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Stan Newman

Guildford Life: Past and Present

Guildford Life: Past and Present

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In "Guildford Life: Past and Present" Stan Newman delves into the fascinating history of what is arguably Surrey's most beautiful town.

Building on the work of previous historians, Newman presents a compendium of life in Guildford, from the dark mystery of Agatha Christie's 1926 disappearance, to the jubilant arrival of Queen Elizabeth II in 2006.

This is a celebration of the Guildford community - be it the bravery of its soldiers or the enthusiasm of Carnival Week performers - and a record of its change.

Discover here the demise of once-loved pubs, or the transformation of quiet streets into bustling thoroughfares. As he moves through countless tales and anecdotes, Newman invites you to relive the joys of days gone by and explore the charms of today.

With over 370 photographs detailing life from 1865 onwards, this is an invitation not to be missed. It also offers a wonderful mix of moving stories and comic anecdotes.

About the Author

Stan Newman was born in Guildford and spent his childhood in Stoughton and Bellfields. For over 40 years he has had great pleasure researching Guildford’s modern history and is still enthusiastic to discover more.

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