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Jonathan Sutherland

Ghosts of London

Ghosts of London

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The ancient city of London is haunted by hundreds of ghosts, including famous historical figures such as Henry VIII, Walter Raleigh and Florence Nightingale, and a host of less well-known but equally fascinating characters. Here they all are.

Poltergeists, screaming spectres, headless women and even phantom trains and buses fill the pages of this detailed guide to... more » the spirits that stalk the streets of London.

Find out about the ghosts that haunt the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, discover London's most haunted town house in Berkeley Square, and learn which ghosts to look out for in the pubs of the East End at night.

In Ghosts of London Jon Sutherland reveals the stories behind hauntings in theatres, parks, homes, palaces and pubs all over the capital, from Acton to Woolwich.

About the Author

Jon Sutherland is the author of over 80 books and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. He is a former college lecturer but now writes on a full-time basis.

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