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Dennis Turner

Fulham's Promotion Seasons

Fulham's Promotion Seasons

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Fulham have been promoted eight times in 105 years. Here is the first book that details all of those seasons in-depth. With many archive photographs illustrating the book, it is a fantastic look at the glory seasons for FFC.

Since joining the Football League in 1907, Fulham Football Club has enjoyed eight promotion seasons, three from the second tier to the top flight, four from the third to the second and one from the fourth to the third.

Each of these seasons had its own special features, memorable games and key personalities. This book tries to recapture some of that excitement as the individual seasons are put in the context of the club's history.

Each season is discussed as it unwound, the key personalities and turning points identified plus a comprehensive statistical appendix
attached to each chapter.

It is a timely reminder to many supporters who now take Premier League football for granted, that getting to where they are today has been a long, tortuous and occasional painful path.

About the Author

Dennis Turner is an experienced writer on football and a Fulham director.

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