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Dennis Turner & Alex White

Fulham FC: The Complete Record 1879-2007

Fulham FC: The Complete Record 1879-2007

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Fulham: The Complete Record is the official record of the Cottagers since the club began back in 1879 with Sunday-school boys knocking around a park pitch. This is the whole story.

The story of Fulham FC, from its beginnings in the 19th century to the present day, is covered in fascinating detail. Every game that the club has played at first team level is detailed.

There are profiles of the club's great players, the managers, the programmes, the attendances, the games that secured trophies and a history of all the grounds played on.

Completed with a breakdown of each player's individual record and full representative appearances, this book is a book that provides everything any Fulham fan, and indeed and football fan could want to know about Fulham FC.

About the Author

Dennis Turner is an experienced writer on football and a Fulham director.

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