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Dennis Turner

Fulham: A Century of Memorable Matches

Fulham: A Century of Memorable Matches

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This is a collection of 100 key matches that bring to life the history of Fulham FC. It features all the essential milestones - victories, defeats, promotions and relegations.

Allowing for the changes in the way media has covered football, the history of Fulham Football Club can be told through the stories of the major matches, which is what this book is attempting to do.

The size and quality of the reports usually reflects the Cottagers' standing in football's hierarchy, and the bigger the game in a general context (FA Cup semi-final, promotion/relegation decider, and European match), the better the report.

But a story develops which charts the path of a club with humble beginnings that rose and fell several times over the last 100 years. In fact, the recent depths were lower and current highs higher than any that preceded them.

Reading them chronologically, the history of Fulham Football Club unfolds; and not just the good news. In most cases, the matches picked themselves and quite naturally are spread relatively evenly across the last 100 years or so.

About the Author

Dennis Turner is an experienced writer on football and a Fulham director.

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