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H.E. Bard

Fuel for Sport. An introduction to sport nutrition: what, when, why and how?

Fuel for Sport. An introduction to sport nutrition: what, when, why and how?

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This book covers all the nutritional essentials of how best to ‘fuel’ your sport for enhanced performance and recovery; including an up-to-date and extensive look at sport supplements, fluids and women athletes.

Essential reading if you want to train harder and for longer, improve recovery time, enhance speed, power and strength, lose fat or gain muscle mass, and learn the truth about sport supplements.

An indispensible text for athletes, coaches or anyone with a regular interest in fitness or other physical activity, including endurance athletes, boxers, martial artists and weight lifters.

The book includes a special chapter dedicated to the particular needs of women athletes. Special attention is given to common misconceptions about sport nutrition; each is fully explained and coupled with a clear example

Up-to-date and extensively researched on all the main aspects of sport nutrition

About the Author

H. E. Bard was born in Hampstead, London and holds OCN certificates in nutritional medicine and herbal medicine, and a certificate in contemporary science.

A third-degree black belt in freestyle Budo and former martial arts instructor in the United Kingdom of more than 20 years and currently a teacher of English and Culture in Japan and part-time martial arts and sport nutrition coach.

He also has a B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics and an M.Sc. in Information Security and is currently reading for a D. Phil part-time. Leisure time is spent boxing, grappling, weight training, writing and playing the guitar.

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