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Chris Sheppardson

For the Love of the Game……….Britain’s Sporting Achilles Heel

For the Love of the Game……….Britain’s Sporting Achilles Heel

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Have you ever wondered why a country that invented football, cricket and rugby has struggled to be consistently successful in International Competition since the Second World War era?

Even when one of the Home Nations has become World leading in its discipline, the decline from the pinnacle has been swift. It is as though, for the British, reaching the pinnacle is enough and that they simply do not know how to play as champions.

Think of England’s football team in the 70s. English Cricket after 2011. The England Rugby Team after 2003. The Great Welsh Rugby team after the 70s. All were world-beaters before the decline.

It is not through lack of talent. There have been many great sportsmen; players that have lit up the imagination but few teams have prevailed. If the talent exists, where has the problem laid?

The hard truth is the British do love the game but have struggled to adapt to modern professionalism because they were reluctant to lose the very values that made the game special. This is that story.

About the Author

Chris Sheppardson is a writer and businessman from the world of Hospitality who owns both a consultancy practice plus a business magazine for the industry – EP Magazine.

He has written and had published two books previously including one on the top leaders and entrepreneurs in the Global Hospitality Industry – Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Hospitality (2011).

However, sports has always been Chris’s passion and he grew up in the 1970s and 80s. A keen supporter of Tottenham Hotspur in Football, Harlequins in Rugby and Middlesex in Cricket.

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