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Aaron Bower

Football's Ultimate Miscellany

Football's Ultimate Miscellany

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Footballs Ultimate Miscellany takes a comprehensive tour through all things strange and bizarre in the footballing world, with no stone left unturned.

Consider yourself a bit of a football fan? Then surely you’ll know where the smallest football league in the world is? what about the football tournament that never ends?

Or which footballer transferred clubs for the princely sum of several kilos of sausages? Surely the footballer who was nominated for TIME person of the century, that must ring a bell?

If you don’t know the answer to any or all of these, then this book will undoubtedly make compelling reading.

About the Author

Written by Aaron Bower, a real football anorak with a passion for the quirky and the unknown, this book is a fully fledged tribute to the things the average football fan may not know about the beautiful game.

Aaron Bower is a freelance sports journalist and sports writer from Bradford, West Yorkshire. He prides himself on his unwavering support for his local side, Bradford City

He credits visits to over 50 football grounds across Britain following the highs and (more often than not) the lows of his beloved Bantams.

He also has a keen passion in footballing trivia, knowledge and stories from down the years, making the writing of this book a real labour of love.

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