Football Leadership Handbook. How to get the best out of yourself and your team.

Football Leadership Handbook. How to get the best out of yourself and your team.

Author: Phil Merrick and Lucy Ward

ISBN: 9781780916361

  • £14.99

Published: Sept 2022 - Pre-order your copy now

ISBN - 9781780916361

Whether your club is owned by a rich Arab Sheikh, a local businessman or a Community Trust run by the fans, the important ingredient that makes everything work is leadership. Having lots of money in theory gives you an advantage, but this is not enough without the ability to attract the best coaches and the best players, and, just as important, the right people to suit your football club. You have to build the team and create a winning environment.

Leadership has to start at the very top of an organisation, and this book covers all aspects of leadership at a personal level, team level and club level. It also covers the important area of career development, which is a critical area for anyone involved in football. It’s not just young enthusiastic academy players and seasoned professionals at the end of their playing days who need help. The turnover of management, coaching and operations staff is a frequent event at most football clubs.

The more leaders you have at your football club the more successful your club will be. This is where you come in. Build your own leadership skills while helping other people to do the same.

The Football Leadership Handbook covers all aspects of leading in a football setting and provides a model that everyone can use to ensure a consistent approach across your football club.

Phil Merrick is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, former semi-professional player, Manager and Chairman.
Lucy Ward is a TV and Radio presenter, former Head of Education and Welfare at Leeds United Academy and striker for Leeds United Ladies

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