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Heidi Haigh

Follow Me and Leeds United: Back to Reality - Leeds United 2017-18

Follow Me and Leeds United: Back to Reality - Leeds United 2017-18

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The season started with great optimism; a change for the long suffering Leeds United fans whose loyalty to their club are second to none. After a fantastic start, things changed rapidly and their hopes were dashed once again.

Based on Heidi’s popular blog Follow Me and Leeds United; seen through her eyes with highs and lows as a fan travelling both home and away. Her photos show fans from all over the world, follow the team through thick and thin.

Heidi’s 50+ year’s support of Leeds United, her passion, love and loyalty for her club are shared with thousands of other fans who want to be part of her blog and photos. Away tickets sold out minutes after going on sale. Any football supporter would be able to relate to the loyalty shown and enjoy the read with Heidi’s view of games seen as a fan for the fans.

A talent of talking to anyone from all walks of life was feedback given. Heidi's blog has become a must read for all fans of the club.

About the Author

Heidi has been following Leeds United for nearly 50 years and is a current season ticket holder in the Kop along with her two youngest daughters Danielle and Emily. All the family have been brought up to support the Whites.

Heidi's trademark beret made her well known amongst players and fans alike, and former players still stop her in the street to say hello. She has had many articles and pictures published, from the Yorkshire Evening Post to the Daily Express.

Following Leeds United has taken Heidi, a fanatic, all over the country and the world. As well as writing her books, her ambition is to get a group of fans to record all the old songs fans have sung over the years.

For more information and books written by Heidi see her 'Meet Our Authors' page

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