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Michael Richardson

Durham City: The Ultimate Collection Vol1: 1935-1950

Durham City: The Ultimate Collection Vol1: 1935-1950

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Durham City,The Ultimate Collection, 1935 – 1950,Vol.1, contains almost 500 photographs.This is the first time that such a comprehensive collection has been published to cover a specific period in the life of Durham people in two volumes.

The annual Durham Miners’ Gala is covered in detail. The Regatta, the student ‘Rag’, civic processions, sporting activities and social occasions as well as local personalities going about their business are portrayed.

The events covered in volume one include: the visit of Herr Von Ribbentrop, the German Ambassador, November 1936, and German prisoners or war visiting the cathedral, October & December 1946.

Those who have an affection for both the city and the miners will welcome this interesting photographic collection. For those who remember and for those who never knew, it tells of great days, and gives poignant recollections of times gone by.

Anyone who lived or worked in the city between these years, or knew someone who did, is likely to recognise familiar faces.

About the Author

Michael Richardson is a well-known local historian and author whose family has lived in the city for over 200 years. His previous books, slide presentations and background knowledge bring to life Durham's rich pictorial past.

He has formed the Gilesgate Archive which has become one of the most important collections relating to Durham and its neighbourhood.

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