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Bernard Carter

Derbyshire. A Light-Hearted Peek

Derbyshire. A Light-Hearted Peek

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Bernard Carter metaphorically turns over stones and pokes among the undergrowth of history to lift the lid on the lore and legend, and the fact and fiction of Derbyshire by presenting them with a modern day slant dosed with frivolous witticisms.

With his tongue stuck firmly in his cheek he relates stories of grisly murders, dastardly deeds, ghastly accidents and leaping lovers who just couldn’t get it right, and all portrayed in a manner that will inform, engage and amuse.

He poses the questions: Was Robin Hood a bigamist? Would you share your lunch with a small, red hairy man? And was dog genuinely on the menu at a Buxton hotel? Plus, if you ever thought of becoming a saint then consider the downsides first!

Exploring the dales Bernard Carter retraces the footsteps of early adventurers such as Rhodes, Croston and Firth, often comparing the then with the now, and all sprinkled with a modicum of nostalgia.

So next time you go walking in Derbyshire just remember how much has actually happened behind your back and beware of some places after dark. You will find this book as informative as it is entertaining.

About the Author

Born and educated in Derby, Bernard Carter left the area after gaining a Diploma in Creative Photography at the College of Art.

After a short, but successful career in photography he became a self-taught Botanical Artist and Illustrator and still exhibits on behalf of the Royal Horticultural Society as a Gold Medallist.

Bernard has moved constantly around the UK and is well travelled having a particular love for the remoter parts of Australia. He presently lives in Miller’s Dale, Derbyshire.

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