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Gareth Davis and Phil Matthews

Derby's Days: The Rams' Rivalry with Nottingham Forest

Derby's Days: The Rams' Rivalry with Nottingham Forest

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"Derby's Days" delves deep into the historic rivalry between The Rams and Forest, to investigate just why it is so special to everyone involved - from players to managers to supporters - as it looks back at the greatest clashes between the clubs.

Derby County v Nottingham Forest is a rivalry steeped in history, drama, controversy, success, failure, and pretty much anything else football can throw at you.

How about recovering from your goalkeeper being sent off after a couple of minutes to win on opposition turf, a double over your rivals on the way to winning your first title while they get relegated, or even beating them in European competition?

Who can forget the two disallowed goals and a missed penalty in stoppage-time, or the publicly-paraded yet ultimately failed signing of the rivals' star player?

As the title suggests it's a look at all things great and good from a black and white perspective, celebrating the history of this most anticipated of fixtures and looking back in great detail over many of the Rams' greatest moments .

About the Author

Gareth Davis is a freelance writer and journalist. In a former role, he worked in the Derby County media department as programme editor.

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