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Ewa Prokop

Darwin's Wild Around Downe

Darwin's Wild Around Downe

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Down House, and the surrounding countryside, was the home of scientist Charles Darwin. It is an area he knew well and studied intensively. Ewa Prokop has created some children’s stories (for ages 9-11) which are set in real places around Downe village.

The reader eavesdrops on discussions between British animals and Charles Darwin, where he explains some of the scientific investigations he is doing.

The fourteen stories are based on many true facts gleaned from the writings of Charles Darwin and his family and help children to understand aspects of evolution and inheritance.

This book is a fantastic teaching and learning aid for parents and schools, bringing the message and learnings of Darwin through the joy of childrens stories.

About the Author

Ewa Prokop has been involved in nature conservation work since 1987 and trained as a biologist. She has worked for the Northmoor Trust, London Borough of Bromley and Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership.

She has been in the unusual position of having been employed as an officer in the field of nature conservation in both Downe and Shropshire, two landscapes scientist Charles Darwin held dear.

She managed a number of the sites and settings Darwin knew well and was involved in bids which sought to inscribe ‘Darwin’s Landscape Laboratory’ as a World Heritage Site back in 2007 and 2010.

See Ewa Prokop's 'Meet Our Authors' page for more information and other books.

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