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Ben Beazley

Cut and Deal. The Kelsford Casebook: Volume Three

Cut and Deal. The Kelsford Casebook: Volume Three

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Third book in the Kelsford series it re-introduces the reader to Harry North now Detective Inspector and Mardlin now superintendent of the Kelsford Police Force investigating a string of brutal murders.

Other main characters are Lisa Abbot ex petty thief and whore who becomes a business woman by committing murder to gain funds to set up a wharehouse for barges carrying government supplies and skimming off a portion while legitimately storing the rest.

Frank Kempin deserter and brutal murderer and one time lover of Lisa Abbott.

The story also deals with the Marxist movement in England after the war and the intelligence work carried out in France to stop the bolshivik activity and the unrest it was causing in England.

The stories touch and meet and is full of twists and turns and many colourful and complex characters all of whom will keep you guessing until the last page.

About the Author

Ben Beazley was a policeman for almost thirty years. A keen local historian, he is also the author of a number of books on his home town of Leicester as well as three novels.

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