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Ian King

Crystal Palace - The Complete Record 1905-2011

Crystal Palace - The Complete Record 1905-2011

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Crystal Palace: The Complete Record is the official record of The Eagles since their formation in 1905. This is the book every loyal Crystal Palace fan should possess. Featuring club history, player profiles, match summaries and statistics.

Written by lifelong fan Ian King, the book covers every aspect of Crystal Palace's story, from its beginnings in the Southern League Second Division to the present day.

Different sections include Memorable Matches which were chosen as defining moments for the club, every Football League season is covered with match details, along with biographies of managers and top players.

Summaries, records and statistics, complete the picture. The result is a volume that is an essential addition to the bookshelves of any fan.

About the Author

Like some other supporters of Crystal Palace F.C. it began as a family heirloom. Both Ian King's parents, in their teenage years and before they met, watched Palace in the 1930s.

King's earliest recollection is of the radio being tuned in at 5 o'clock on a Saturday to hear how 'the Palace got on'. His first visit to Selhurst Park, was in 1966, and he has been a season ticket holder continuously since the summer of 1969.

In 1977 he first met Revd Nigel Sands, and since then his interest in the historical aspects of the club have grown. In 1986 Nigel asked him to contribute to the matchday programme, and that has continued to this day.

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