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P.R. Brown

The Treadmillers

The Treadmillers

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Britain has evolved into a police state in which the freedoms of the past have disappeared. The three principal characters (Percy, Henry, Frank) interact in a context of burgeoning dehumanisation.

Henry’s death is deeply felt; but when Percy falls victim to the inhuman and fanatical system that now prevails, his own demise awakens in Frank, now bereft of his two companions, a keen sense of the significance of his loss.

Hope is temporarily rekindled by Dr Markus Shelby, but he himself is soon to disappear in the penal archipelago that has developed in a society governed by fear and suppression.

Integrity and humanity have been sacrificed to political correctness and the obsession with so-called “social cohesion”; Christianity is met with universal indifference, at best, and, at worst, hostility.

The last, nameless, character emerges as the narrator, and his reflections suggest a desire to rekindle the light that seems to have been irretrievably lost in the darkness of the times.

The Treadmillers is the second novel of a fiction trilogy, with The Mirror Man kicking off the series, followed up by The Shadow People; all three novels address current and highly controversial socio-political issues.

About the Author

P.R. Brown, was educated at University College, Swansea; and later at St. John’s College, Cambridge, where he gained a PhD in Philosophy. He teaches English as a Foreign language in Cambridge nd has published articles both in this field and in Philosophy.

His books include the non-fiction trilogy, The Gods of Our Time, Dreams and Illusions Revisited, and The Mountain Dwellers.

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