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Andy Murdock

What Happened to the Game I Loved?

What Happened to the Game I Loved?

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"“FUN!!! You are training to be playing football young man, not having fun.”

Football has provided a past-time allowing kids the freedom to enjoy themselves, to have fun, to play a game. But what has happened to the game we loved?

Do kids get the freedom to play football?

Has it become an over competitive sport?

Do you want to know what children feel as they play the game?

Or should we say sport?

Come into the mind of Wee Dave. Just like all other young boys, he wants to become a footballer. His story will take you through the days of playing in the Park with his Dad, to playing with his best mates and then to the pressures of playing in a team.

His journey is that of a normal football kids life, striving to be the best, going to the best stadiums, seeing the best teams, the best players and dreaming of the days of the future when hopefully he will make it to the top.

But Society in the City has many problems, many challenges and many pressures for young boys and girls like Wee Dave.

Can he get through the dystopia to become the person he wants to be? Will success make him happy?"


About the Author

Andy Murdock is a football coach who has travelled to USA, Mexico, Russia and China and has now returned to his homeland of Northern Ireland to do the same. In all countries he has been the pressures and issues within youth football have been the same, and he’d love to use this platform to raise awareness of some of these issues

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