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Aberdeen Press and Journal

Aberdeen in the Seventies: A Decade of Change

Aberdeen in the Seventies: A Decade of Change

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The city of Aberdeen the 1970s was indeed a time of change. North Sea oil came ashore and the city adapted to the benefits and challenges of being the oil capital of Europe.

400 images show what the city was like. As well as recording those unique times for the North-east, this book’s images show the fashions, the growth of housing suburbs around Aberdeen, the protests and unrest.

It gives us the big moments and the little quirky events that were a part of what made the 1970s so special. It is a a series of snapshots that it is hoped will connect with the people of Aberdeen and spark recognition, pleasure and nostalgia.

About the Author

The Press and Journal was first published as a weekly title on Dec 29th 1747 and was known as The Aberdeen’s Journal. It was published on a weekly basis for 128 years until August 1876, when it became a daily newspaper.

In November 1922, the paper was renamed The Aberdeen Press and Journal when its parent firm joined forces with the Free Press. It has been the voice of Aberdeen ever since.

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