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Gilda Moss Haber

Cockney Girl

Cockney Girl

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"Cockney Girl" is a second-generation Jewish-British child's eyewitness account of tumultuous East London and her eccentric family in England 1934-1950. The writer was then aged 5-20. This is an autobiography written about times of great social change.

This zeitgeist, before, during and after World War Two, is based on memories and diaries and is, according to Elie Wiesel, 'unmapped history'.

Both cockneys, friend Joycey Kennel and I, roamed East London most Saturdays while my operaphile mother set and permed ladies hair and my deaf, barber father, shaved dockers for pub nights and Christmas.

In 1939, London children were hastily evacuated from expected Nazi bombing to country foster parents who ranged from kind to concupiscent. When she was 14, her mummy sent her to The White House Jewish refugee orphanage: Great Chesterford.

Here, she began her diary, rejoined the tribe and, while a teenager, met Yank servicemen and wounded British soldiers. With peace, aged 16, I returned home, a stranger, attended LSE and immigrated to America, but remained a Cockney Girl.

About the Author

Gilda Moss Haber, PhD is a second-generation British Jewish-East End Londoner, educated at Spitalfield Girls' High School and London School of Economics.

She immigrated to America to pursue graduate studies and en route to settling in Israel. Still en route, she frequently visits and speaks to audiences in England, Israel and other countries.

She is a professor at Montgomery College in Maryland, and teaches Social Psychology and English there, formerly at Maryland University and Brooklyn College.

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