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Jack Smith

Chorley Through the 1950s

Chorley Through the 1950s

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This is a unique collection of over 300 photographs, which vividly depict the people and places of yesteryear Chorley. It captures a fascinating glimpse of the town in a decade of great change.

To the generation of today, whose parents and grandparents were themselves young people during the 1950s, stories about what was the norm in those 'far off days', can be equated with history lessons.

It was so long ago… yet to those of us who lived in Chorley before, during, and after that decade, we can remember the period so well – or can we?

Is it perhaps, that we can remember living in Chorley because of events that happened worldwide or nationally, thus recalling what we were doing at the time?

Was it because we met our partner at some dance in the town? Or was it because we recall the records and songs that we listened to, or the films we saw? Enjoy all the sights and sounds of the 50's through the photos and narrative in the book.

About the Author

Jack Smith has lived in Chorley all his life, yet his family roots lie in the railway town of Horwick six miles to the south where he served his apprenticeship at the Locomotive Works there during the 1950s.

Following this, he spent several years in the Merchant Navy as Engineer Officer, returning to Chorley, to work on mill maintenance.

In 1953, Jack was a founder member of the Historical and Archaeological Society in the town. He lectures/broadcasts on many aspects of Lancashire history.

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